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Marjorie – Case Study



Marjorie was in need of a new pond liner as her existing one lost a battle against her new puppy, Rollo.

Butek Ponds supplied a 0.75mm Butyl Flat Sheet liner with additional geotextile for extra protection against puppy claws!

Message from Marjorie:

I am delighted to send pictures of our pond, the first liner lasted over 20 years but a new puppy who loved the water and who kept trying to catch the fish, ripped the liner so we decided to get a new one.

He goes in the pond in the front garden as that it is a concrete one. My sister and I did the first pond, it is over 3ft deep and 21ft long and about 15ft wide and is fed by a stream that we have naturally running through the garden. It was originally the water supply to the house and it never dries up at the top of the garden, there is a huge stone tank that stores the water and is incorporated into the design of the stream and is also used a seating area.

The garden has taken us over 20 years to do by ourselves as we were working full time as hairdressers, we found the liner and underlay very easy to work with, we had two friends to help us as now that we are in our 60’s it wasn’t as easy 2nd time around.