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Troubleshooting 101: How to Find a Leak in a Pond Liner 
In this blog post, we'll be sharing some expert tips on troubleshooting a leak in your pond liner and finding [...]
Creating the Perfect Pond: 10 Important Questions UK Homeowners Must Ask
Discover the answers to all of your pond-building questions, such as what type of liner material you should use, how [...]
Get your pond ready for spring!
As spring approaches, it is time to get your pond ready for the new season. Read on to see our [...]
Pond Construction with ‘Build Your Dream Home in the Country’
Butek Ponds were recently featured on 'Build Your Dream Home in the Country'. Read on for more and expert tips [...]
Shining a Light on Pond Lighting
Add pond lighting to your outdoor space and transform it into a winter wonderland full of twinkling lights and vibrant [...]
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Recent Blogs and Case Studies