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Get your pond ready for spring!


Image of goldfish swimming in a pond

As spring approaches, it is time to get your pond ready for the new season. Read on to see our top tips on how to get spring ready. 

Remove the leaves and debris from your pond

Over the autumn and winter months, a range of waste can build up, this can be due to the wildlife or leaves falling. Remove these to avoid them decomposing, which could cause health issues with the wildlife.

Flora floating in a pond

Clean out your pond pump and filters

Leaving a pump or filter dirty can cause the equipment to become faulty and not operate efficiently. Ensure any debris and dirt are removed and the equipment is running smoothly.

Check your pond liner

Check over your pond liner for any tears or damage. If you are in need of a new liner for the season, check out our range of liners (both standard stock sizes and bespoke). Alternatively, if you have any small tears that need mending, you can purchase a pond repair kit from our website, which includes everything you need to make an excellent job.

Gardenlife sitting upon a pond.

Tidy up your plants

The season of spring is the perfect time to trim back any old plants and remove any that did not quite make it through the cold weather or purchase a few new plants to brighten up the space.