Frequently Asked Questions

Butek Ponds Frequently Asked Questions

Butek Ponds is committed to providing you, our customer, with the best possible experience. Here we list some frequently asked questions that customers ask us.

What is the difference between Butyl and EPDM?

Butyl rubber and EPDM rubber are both synthetic rubbers and have many material properties in common. The main difference for the user is that Butyl rubber is a longer-lasting, premium product and is more resistant to damage from wildlife, plants and accidents. In addition, the superior UV resistance and long-term elasticity mean that we are able to give a longer warranty with Butyl liners.

How do I install my pond liner?

I recommend reading our step-by-step guide for building a garden pond, where we will walk you through the process of building your garden pond, from planning to installation.

Click here to read now and benefit from over 50 years’ experience making and installing pond liners.

What thickness of pond liner do I need?

The choice between 0.75mm and 1.00mm is generally up to you! As a rule of thumb, we generally advise 1.00mm if you are only planning on using underlay and 0.75mm if you use underlay and overlay with earth or a stone cover to create a natural-looking pond.

What is a flange?

A flange is a piece of rubber welded horizontally to the top edge of your Box Welded liner, usually 4” or 6” wide. Ideal for securing your liner around the top edge with coping stones or slabs placed on top.

What is a box liner?

A bespoke box welded liner is a custom-made liner with the base and walls fully welded to your exact excavation measurements. This allows you to easily pop your liner into your excavation and secure at the top with stones to create a fold and wrinkle-free finish to your pond.

What is Geotextile?

Our Underlay / Overlay is a 2.5-3mm thick spun bound Polypropylene material in black that is designed to be puncture resistant and is ideal for protecting your pond liner from sharp stones and roots etc…

How thick is the Geotextile?

Butek Ponds Geotextile underlay and overlay is 2.50 – 3.00mm thick. More importantly it comes with an impressive 3000CBR rating which is the force required to punch through the underlay with a point – this exceeds the specification of most of our competitors.

Is the Geotextile underlay and overlay the same material?

Butek Ponds Geotextile 3000CBR underlay and overlay are the exact same material, just one piece for going under your pond liner and one for on top!

Do I need an underlay and overlay?

We always recommend using underlay for both our flat sheets and box pond liner to protect your rubber liner from roots, pebbles, rough/uneven concrete and wooden surfaces etc.

For flat sheet pond liners, our Geotextile overlay can be used to create an entirely natural-looking pond with the liner covered in plants, pots, earth or stone. This also serves to protect your liner from any animals that may go into your pond, any rocks or sharp twigs that may fall etc.

Don’t forget our overlay will float, so please ensure it is adequately weighed down!

What colour is the pond liner material?

Butek Ponds Rubber liners and Geotextile all come in black.

I have a small tear in my pond line, what do I do?

Don’t Panic! If you have a small tear in your liner, it is not always necessary to order a completely new liner! You can purchase our pond repair kit or pond repair kit pro here, along with full instructions on mending your liner like a pro!

What is your current lead time?

Our lead times are updated regularly and can be seen underneath the calculators on our pond liner pages. For urgent requirements, please see our stocked liners which are available for immediate despatch.

How much does my liner weigh?

1.0mm Butyl/EPDM weighs 1.2kg per m²
0.75mm Butyl/EPDM weights 1.0 kg per m²
Geotextile underlay and overlay weighs 0.3kg per m²

For larger ponds, you may need some help. Click ‘Chat with Us’ or get in touch here, and we’ll get straight back to you!

How is my liner packaged?

Your rubber liner will be wrapped in a protective layer of geotextile to keep it safe during transit, unroll the geotextile fabric to reveal your liner.

How will my order be delivered?

Depending on the size of your pond liner it will either be delivered by a parcel company or by a pallet delivery!

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