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Which pond liner material will you choose?
Pond liners come in various materials, each with its own pros and cons. So which pond liner material is right [...]
35 Years of Service!
A huge congratulations and an even bigger thank you to our technician, Dean Lishman! Dean Lishman has been employed by [...]
How to prepare your pond for Autumn
Autumn is a time of change. The leaves on the trees turn from green to yellow, orange and red. The [...]
Why will a heavy-duty pond liner give you peace and tranquillity for years to come?
A heavy-duty pond liner is an essential part of any successful pond installation. It will safeguard your pond from leaks [...]
What you need to know before buying a rubber liner for your pond
You may have been told that you need to buy a rubber liner for your pond, but where do you [...]
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