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Tim’s Made-To-Measure Wildlife Pond!


Tims Wildlife Pond

We love a Wildlife Pond here at Butek Ponds, and Tim completed a brilliant project for his garden!

Butek Ponds supplied Tim with a Bespoke 0.75mm Flat Sheet Pond Liner made to the exact measurements requested for his project. Tim also chose to use underlay and overlay in a Geotextile 3000CBR material to protect his liner, this is always a great idea for wildlife ponds as it keeps your liner safe from animals and plants.

Tim began by laying the underlay, then the liner and finally an overlay to sandwich it together. Next, he got to work making the pond look natural by adding plants, logs and rocks to be very wildlife friendly!

Well done, Tim, for making a spectacular wildlife pond!

“My little pond has been a bit of a project this summer. The aim was for it to be a wildlife pond. It’s only about 10 x 7 feet, but is already full of bugs, bees and other insects. I’m awaiting the arrival of frogs, toads or newts next year with some luck. 
The liner and underlay came in perfect condition. I have never done anything like this before, but with a bit of reading, it seemed straightforward. I both the 0.75mm liner and it seems good and robust. So far no apparent leaks!”

says Tim